Diversity & Inclusion

At John and Snyder, we have a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion as we recognize that the strength of our organization is rooted in the diversity of the people we connect and the inclusive environment we foster. Diversity and inclusion are not just terms for us; they’re integral parts of our core values and strategic imperatives.

Inclusion In Action

Inclusion is about creating a space where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered. We strive to foster environments where every team member, partner, and client can contribute their best work and be recognized for their efforts. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, we facilitate opportunities for continuous learning, growth, and community engagement that support an inclusive culture.


Inclusion as a Priority:

Our role doesn’t end with placement. We actively work with the companies to ensure that the environments we place individuals in are inclusive and empowering. This involves creating spaces where everyone feels valued, heard, and able to contribute their best.


Diverse and Inclusive Hiring Practices:

Our placement strategies emphasize a broad outreach, connecting with a diverse pool of talent that extends beyond conventional boundaries. We focus on skills, potential, and alignment with a company’s culture and needs, ensuring that the right match is made.


Collaboration and Partnerships:

We collaborate with community organizations, educational institutions, and business partners that align with our vision of diversity and inclusion. These alliances enable us to provide unique opportunities and support the broader societal goals of inclusivity.

Accountability and Engagement

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion within the realm of placement is not merely an abstract ideal but a tangible, actionable pursuit. In collaboration with both individuals and organizations, we undertake a regular and meticulous review of our practices, refining and adapting as required to ensure alignment with our collective aspirations. This process is characterized by transparency and unambiguous communication, assuring that all engaged parties are integrally involved, thereby elevating this endeavor beyond a mere business practice to a crucial element of professional growth and evolution.

The more diverse your team members are from one another, the better decisions they’ll make on behalf of your company.

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Reflecting Our Core Values

John and Snyder’s focus on diversity and inclusion in placement goes beyond simply filling roles. We seek to shape and influence the workplaces of tomorrow by promoting a culture that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion. Through thoughtful engagement with both companies and individuals, we contribute to building environments where everyone can thrive, reflecting the diverse richness of our global community.

We invite all to explore and connect with us, as we continue our mission of crafting connections that resonate with values, integrity, and the shared vision of a more inclusive professional landscape.

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