Organizational Development

We take a focused, research-intensive approach to our work with clients looking to optimize the structure of their teams. Knowing what legal talent our clients need and when they need it requires organizational awareness and data. We partner with our clients to assess the nuances of the intersection of law and their particular strategy, evaluate measurably successful team structures and reporting relationships, and then craft a plan for the growth and development of their in-house legal departments.

Guiding Innovation

As organizations of all sizes face the need to adapt to rapid change and growing systemic complexity, they must evolve to meet the needs of their stakeholders, both internal and external.


Designing team structures that empower people to do their best work while protecting the interests of their organizations


Facilitating change processes to support strategic initiatives


Coaching leaders and their teams through adaptive change

Getting to the Heart of Organizational Innovation and Change

At John and Snyder, we bring industry leading methods for facilitating team and organizational change in a broad variety of situations — always with a focus on human-centered approaches to consulting and coaching.

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